COVID-19: A Life Changer

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Many changes took place throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, and most people and companies were trying to keep up with them. Contrary to popular belief, remote working was quite challenging for a majority of companies to follow, with the initial days seeing many changes and a lot of unproductivity, with teams not meeting their target and deadlines. 

One of the most significant changes was that a large number of people were losing their jobs. Companies were working on downsizing various departments, which meant that they had to let a lot of their staff go. They were also making changes concerning the payment structures with people finding it quite challenging to keep up.

As a company, we work on debt control. We assist our clients to improve their credit scores and come up with ways they can get better at saving money through one of the worst pandemics we are going through. The pandemic has affected the face-to-face interaction business significantly. However, we keep providing our services and helping people throughout their hardship. Many people cannot meet and coordinate with one another in person, which is challenging for businesses. Additionally, we were learning to move to the internet and be more of a value add there.

COVID has disrupted a majority of businesses, and most of them are struggling to keep up. We had to create new ways to keep the relationship with our clients and make sure we follow all the measures to be safe. We did not look at the hardship and challenge and give up but started brainstorming ideas that we could use if we were to keep up with these changes.

There were changes to the communication patterns that we are getting through. Our team members are conscient of the risk when having face-to-face interactions. That is why the use of masks and sanitizers is mandatory when meeting with our clients. Additionally, we have to maintain the right amount of distance so that meetings are safe and respectful. We had to work remotely to complete some aspects of the work that we were handling. Otherwise, we are meeting with our clients, so we provide face-to-face interaction.

For the most part, a lot of the meetings that we handle have to be in person. To keep up with these, we have everyone maintain a safe distance, wear masks, constantly wash their hands and carry hand sanitizers.

Through the pandemic, whenever there were lockdowns, we had to stop our work and continue after the situation got better. There were some aspects of the work that we handled online. Additionally, with us getting as much done at the office, we did not change our timings and work the same hours we worked in the past. We did not want to make it challenging for our clients to catch us at the office. Most of the time, we even put in additional amounts of time to keep up with the time that we lost toward the beginning of the pandemic.

Our business focuses on face-to-face interactions. Even though the pandemic was difficult we stepped up and continued doing our jobs, taking all the necessary measures to have a safe and proper practice. We find them a lot more efficient while also helping us get the results we are looking for. There is something about meeting in person that really fast tracks the results that we want from our clients.

However, we do not want to impose our processes on people who don’t agree with us. We have some clients who might not be open to meeting in person. To keep up with their needs, we handle some processes and calls virtually, through video conferences, which is one step after we meet up with them. We work with them to understand their platform of choice and use it when we communicate.

 COVID-19 has been a hardship for most people. While we were all affected by it, we found our way to keep our lives going and help people in their financial situation.

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