How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives

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Businesses during the pandemic have not been doing very well with a lot of them not capable of meeting their targets. People were losing their jobs and companies were not sure if they could pay the employees they had on their payroll. The overall debt was growing and becoming quite common, with people looking for solutions to get out of difficult situations.

When it comes to building a plan for the next six months, the most important part about that is, seeing a long term vision. Even with the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 crisis, the goal must be to rebuild for the longer term, to act rather than react.

While no one foresaw the pandemic, it stopped a lot of businesses right in their tracks. We were in a similar situation, with the Coronavirus placing us at a halt, allowing us to reorganize and restructure. We began focusing on supply chain and remote operations. 

We had to make a lot of changes in the way we were handling our work. From the way we coordinated with our clients to the way we communicated internally, there was an overhaul in the way we worked. We've incorporated digital events to stay in touch with our team. When it comes to coordinating with the team or our clients, we use Zoom and Google Meet for interviews.

While a lot of the companies at the time could shut shop and have their employees sign in from home or other remote locations, we did not do that to the largest extend. We allowed our staff to work remotely, but we did work from the office as well.

We preferred the change since it, if anything, improved our communications channels. There were no challenges with the process, and we learned that we had to update if we wanted to stay relevant. We could not keep the same number of staff at the office now, as we did pre-pandemic. With the rules relating to social distancing, we did have to rework the furniture and move some things around. We are currently working with 15 people in the office and making sure they follow all the rules put forward.

Additionally, to make sure everyone was safe, we were working on the rest of the mandatory rules as well. We were checking the temperatures of all the staff coming into the office, we put up disinfection stations throughout the place so that everyone had easy access to them, and we had regular hourly cleaning checks. Mask are mandatory and provided for the people who did not have them when they got to the door. Additionally, we travel for a lot of the work we do so we have to have in-person meetings.

 The pandemic was something that most did not even see coming. It was challenging for us to adapt, think out of the box and evolve into the new culture we are today. As a company as well, the changes we were making, to the way we were communicating was not something we saw ourselves doing.

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